Orgasmic meditation or the pseudoscience of sex

The orgasmic meditation practice is carried out with a partner. One person lies down, unclothed from the waist down, while their partner sits next to them. The one who sits uses his index finger slowly to caress the other’s clitoris and genitals . Normally, this safe sex involves the use of gloves. The session lasts … Read more

The words used by men and women on social networks are different

Wonderful, happy, birthday, nervous, daughter, baby, and thankful. Enemy, freedom, win, lose and battle. The first batch of words are more used by women on social networks, the second batch, by men. This is the conclusion reached by a study by psychologists from the universities of Stony Brook and Pennsylvania and the University of Melbourne, … Read more

"A Plastic Ocean", a must-see documentary about ocean pollution

In 2013 alone, around 56 million tons of polyethylene terephthalate were produced in the world, also known as PET, the accumulation of which is a growing problem in ecosystems throughout the marine world . The bottles are even the least of it. According to a Greenpeace report, gigantic marine creatures weighing more than 3.5 million … Read more

The unexpected consequences of Sputnik

On Monday, October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union put Sputnik into orbit: the first artificial satellite in history . It was a metallic sphere 50 centimeters in diameter and four antennas that emitted a "beep" (a 20 MHz signal) every few seconds. That "beep" was detectable from Earth. The news made the front page of … Read more

People perceive colors differently if they are sad

The popular phrase that we see everything gray when we are sad would make much more sense in light of a new finding by researchers at the University of Rochester, in the United States, whose results have been published in the journal Psychological Science . The study used 127 volunteers, who were divided into three … Read more

If you are taller, are you smarter?

All kinds of correlations can be found around intelligent people, some more spurious than others. As the most intelligent people work mostly for another (less intelligent), the so-called law of Joy. Another compelling correlation is that tall people are more intelligent than short people . But can a factor like height really influence our brain … Read more

What’s the use of being angry?

We have all gotten angry at one time or another. We have screamed, we have thrown all kinds of curses, the vein in our foreheads has become very fat. But why? What are the evolutionary roots of this behavior? What good has it been that our ancestors got angry the way we do? Apparently, the … Read more

What are our wettest dreams about?

Some of our dreams have such a lubricious component that it almost seems that, instead of dreaming, we had accessed one of those repositories of X videos divided and classified perfectly by different kinds of filias: amateur, teen, BBW, creampie, hairy, etc. . Actually, a researcher at Shue Yan University, Hong Kong, named Calvin Kai-Ching … Read more

Do older mothers have smarter and healthier children?

A recent study suggests that later mothers may have smarter children because they receive more care from them. The study, conducted in Sweden by experts from the Max Planck Institute for Democratic Research in Germany and the London School of Economics and Political Science, was carried out among 1.5 million Swedes born between 1960 and … Read more

What does Mars smell like?

What’s the smell of clouds? , which said in an advertisement for compresses on TV. But the important thing, if we want to colonize Mars, is to find out what Mars smells like and prepare ourselves psychologically for that smell , for example doing spectroscopy of the atmosphere of Mars to capture the "aroma" and … Read more

The Pygmalion effect at school

Teaching should not just be limited to imparting knowledge. It is also important how they are taught and, also, the kind of teacher who teaches them. In this sense, a teacher who inspires self-confidence in the student can radically change their academic curriculum. This is what is called the Pygmalion effect , and it was … Read more