A man’s punch is 162% stronger, on average, than a woman’s

A man's punch is 162% stronger, on average, than a woman's

At similar fitness levels, men’s average punching force is 162% higher than women’s , according to a new study . Even the weakest man continues to be stronger than the strongest woman if we evaluate it in the power of his punch.

This is a new example of how the sexual dimorphism of our species has led man to become more specialized in direct physical fighting.

Sexual dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism defines the variations in the external physiognomy, such as shape, coloration or size, between males and females of the same species and occurs in most species, to a greater or lesser degree. One of the main morphological characteristics that differentiate men and women is the distribution of abdominal fat.

Muscle strength also appears to be a distinctive trait, and that strength has been increased particularly for fighting, as suggested by this new study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology .

Men’s upper body has, on average, 75% more muscle mass and 90% more strength than women . However, the evaluation of the power of a punch is where the man seems much stronger, not in other areas, since the authors of the study have not found the same magnitude of difference when throwing something above the punch. head. This reinforces the idea that this greater force in the upper body has specialized in fighting rather than throwing objects.

Other studies suggest both that proportions are not a plus for manual dexterity , but that they also protect the hand when it is formed into a fist , as well as that the strength of the bones of the face (as a likely target of a blow) and our Heels, planted on the ground , can give your upper body extra power.

Another characteristic in which there is a great difference between men and women resides in the so-called grip strength (hand grip strength): 90% of women have less strength than 95% of men .

Naturally, these studies do not justify the violence of men, nor do they trivialize it . On the contrary: if our aim is to minimize all forms of violence in the future, then understanding our tendencies and what our nature is will really help us to manage it more effectively.