Analysis reveals that the United States has the worst healthcare system

Analysis reveals that the United States has the worst healthcare system

After an analysis of eleven rich countries , it has been concluded that the United States has an unfair and difficult health system, and in general terms it is worse than any of the countries analyzed .

The UK National Health Service , however, leads the ranking.

Public Health VS Private Health

The aforementioned analysis has analyzed the quality of five domains (the United States fell short in all five): ease of access to health care, equal access to people of different incomes, administrative efficiency, the proper functioning of the process of care for the people who use it and the quality of health outcomes.

The analysis included data from sources such as the World Health Organization, the OECD, and questionnaires filled out by people and their doctors in the 11 countries examined, which also included Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and Sweden (Spain is not in the analysis ).

Overall, the United States ranked last , although it ranked fifth in the care process category. The UK ranked first, but ranked 10 for healthcare outcomes (patient outcomes after treatment).

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The study also notes that in the United States, 44% of low-income people have difficulties accessing healthcare, and even 26% of high-income people report access problems. The equivalent figures in the UK are just 7 and 4%.

The report says that since President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) was introduced, there has been some improvement .

However, current proposals being debated in Congress could undo most of that progress by increasing the number of people without health insurance by more than 20 million in the next decade. Rather than narrowing the gap with its rivals, the United States could lag further behind .

This other analysis indicates that the country with the best healthcare is a very small one located between France and Spain: Andorra.