Are men much more likely to die from coronavirus than women?

Are men much more likely to die from coronavirus than women?

Perhaps due to an imbalance that can be caused by men suffering from more underlying health problems or women having stronger immune systems, an analysis shows that men are 65% more likely to die from an infection than women .

In confirmed cases, the infection is fatal for 4.7 percent of men, but only 2.8 percent of women, despite the fact that the gender balance for those who test positive is roughly divided by the half.

Possible reasons

Experts believe that sexual imbalance is related to a higher prevalence of smoking or chronic alcohol use among men, while others believe that men are more likely to have underlying health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes , which makes you more vulnerable to infection.

Women also seem to have stronger immune systems, which means that they suffer more from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, because this takes place the immune system responds too aggressively and ends up attacking the body.

In their study “COVID-19: The impacts of the outbreak on gender” published in The Lancet , Clare Wenham, Julia Smith and Rosemary Morgan point out that “understanding how disease outbreaks affect men and women differently is essential to develop equitable and egalitarian intervention policies ”.

Although there is not enough scientific evidence to conclude that the coronavirus affects more men than women, beyond some statistical correlations, some experts attribute these first results to the biology of women. But others, in addition to these, also take into account the cultural ones. Not only because men use more drugs, but because women are more proactive in seeking medical attention than men when they feel bad, which favors early detection of health problems .