Artemisa Base Camp: the place where NASA humans will stay on the Moon

Artemisa Base Camp: the place where NASA humans will stay on the Moon

The development of the Artemis program to return with astronauts to the Moon in 2024 gives other fruits in the form of the details that the lunar base camp will have.

It will be a first base at the south pole of the Moon, allowing a sustained presence on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite.

Artemis Base

The three main elements of the Artemis Base Camp mission are : the LTV vehicle that can transport crew around the site; a habitable mobility platform for long-term trips away from base, and the foundational surface habitat, which will allow short stays for four crew members at the lunar south pole.

The LTV and habitable mobility platform will allow long-term exploration and development of the Moon. The habitable mobility platform will be delivered to the lunar surface to expand the range of lunar scans by tens of kilometers .

As stated in NASA’s new Plan for Sustainable Lunar Exploration and Development :

Initially it will serve for stays of one to two months to learn more about the moon and the universe. We will develop new technologies that advance our national industries and discover new resources that will help grow our economy. Overall, the base camp will demonstrate the continuation of America’s leadership in space and readiness to undertake humanity’s first mission to Mars.

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