How many neurons are there in the world?

Only a small fraction of the evolutionary selection that has taken place on Earth has been destined to enhance intelligence, creating more or less complex nervous systems. In that sense, the human nervous system seems the most sophisticated of all those that inhabit the planet. This could change if one day we design an Artificial … Read more

Quixote: the first manual on ‘use of humans’ for robots

Marc Steinberg , a US Navy research program administrator, is overseeing research at the Georgia Institute of Technology to create an artificial intelligence software program called Don Quixote , to teach robots to function in human society. The rapid rate of growth of artificial intelligence has raised fears that robots could act unethically or harm … Read more

What is robotics in the cloud?

It is difficult for all of us to imagine that in a relatively short time we can acquire a robot or a very competent artificial intelligence for our home or to accompany us in our lives, basically because something like this must have a very high price or complex maintenance and technical characteristics . However, … Read more

Controlling various robots with the brain

Controlling various robots, including drones, using the human brain is now possible thanks to the finding of an Arizona State University researcher: Panagiotis Artemiadis , director of the Human-Oriented Robotics and Control Laboratory. A controller wears a cap equipped with 128 electrodes connected to a computer. The device records the electrical activity of the brain. … Read more

What is the most unequal country in the world?

Since the late 1970s, inequalities between the rich and the rest of the population have been gradually increasing . Between 1993 and 2010, more than half of the national income of the United States corresponded to the 1% of the population with the highest incomes. Since then, inequality has grown much faster. It is something … Read more

The first fluid-controlled soft robot arrives

We are seeing more and more examples of soft or flexible and multiform robots, such as those made up of atoms instead of atoms, and now we have another new example brought out by Octobot and designed by researchers at Harvard University. Octobot, printed in 3D, has become the first autonomous robot made of soft … Read more

The trailer for this movie starring an AI has been edited by an AI

One of the harshest punishments movie lovers have to endure is having too many plot details (including the ending) revealed in a cinematic trailer. Or to attend a trailer ordered chronologically, a kind of summary of the film. In contrast, a trailer is most enjoyed when it leaves mysteries unsolved and does not explicitly explain … Read more

This robot is already capable of balancing on a bar

This is not the first time we have talked about the Atlas robot, designed by Boston Dynamics. Like the case of the galloping robot, or the impressive bipedal robot that moves almost like a human being. The new milestone that Atlas has achieved is balancing with one foot on a 2-centimeter-thick wooden slat . In … Read more

Vulcan, a robot that could reach the Earth’s mantle?

Again Charles Bombardier shows us one of his futuristic concepts (although not always completely realistic or easy to carry out), as we already saw in the train that would travel at 3,000 km per second. In this case it is a robot. In theory, Vulcan , as it is called, would be able to dive … Read more

The sewing robot that sews clothes

This is the first example of a robot that is capable of sewing clothes in the efficient way it does, and without the need for a human being to guide its movements, and has been designed by the Sewbo company . You can see it in action in the following video. To achieve this, the … Read more

Is this the first song composed by an AI?

When Will Smith asked a robot in the movie I, Robot, "Can a robot write a symphony or turn a canvas into a beautiful work of art?", The reply he received from the robot was: "Can you do it? you do?". An answer that can be more and more forceful taking into account what they … Read more

This is the smallest transistor ever made.

The smallest transistor yet, with a gate length of 1 nanometer , has been created by a research team, led by faculty scientist Ali Javey at the Lawrence Berkeley Department of National Energy Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). . A human hair is about 50,000 nanometers thick. In Javey’s words: We made the smallest transistor reported to … Read more

This robot can also sweat to cool itself while exercising

Humans sweat to cool ourselves . Pigs, for example, are incapable of doing this, so they must cover themselves in mud to do so (which also invalidates the saying "sweat like a pig"). The next level is a robot that can also sweat to cool itself . This is what researchers from the University of … Read more

Ultra-fast: the robotic arm that catches objects

Ultra-Fast is a robotic arm that is capable of predicting where a thrown object will go, calculating its trajectory, and catching it on the fly. But what makes this system special is that its mode of learning: through imitation. Below, you can watch a video demonstrating his expertise: Ultra-Fast is a creation of the Federal … Read more

This dog is still standing after a trip, and it is robotic

A new system to maintain balance in articulated robots with four legs similar to those of dogs has been developed by researchers from the University of Jaén and is capable of ratifying trajectories and redirecting movement in the face of obstacles or imponderables that may appear during advance. This system to maintain balance has proven … Read more

This autonomous Uber truck already travels 200 km without a driver

Otto , the name of Uber’s first autonomous truck, is already capable of transporting packages from a beer company (45,000 Budweisers) for almost 200 kilometers without a (human) driver. In other words, this truck covers the distance from the company’s facilities in Loveland, Colorado, to a weigh station in Fort Collins without human intervention, although … Read more