What does Buddhism have to do with Artificial Intelligence?

Rapid advancements in AI have led to a number of recent initiatives that aim to convince engineers, programmers, and others that they must prioritize ethical considerations in their work over others. In the past two years alone, a number of new efforts have been launched to explore ethics in AI, including the Elon Musk- backed … Read more

New advance so AI can get smarter by dialoguing with humans

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) could become more intelligent through the conversation with humans thanks to a new approach towards the realization of dialogue systems as a result of new research . The research has been carried out by researchers at the University of Osaka. Learning new words Learning words in a conversation by implicit confirmation … Read more

This is the first classical Chinese programming language

Wenyan-lang is a general-purpose programming language developed in December 2019 by student from Lingdong Huang (China) in Pittsburgh, USA. It is written in grammatically correct classical Chinese and allows machines to read code in the Confucian language. Wenyan-lang Wenyan-lang uses both traditional Chinese characters and classical Chinese grammar. A challenge in language development was how … Read more