Controversial Study That Jade Charms Can Protect You From COVID-19

Controversial Study That Jade Charms Can Protect You From COVID-19

No, jade charms cannot protect you from COVID-19, although that is what a recent study suggests that, thankfully, has now been withdrawn .

Controversial study suggesting COVID-19 has turned deadly due to a change in Earth’s geomagnetic field .


A study, published in Science of the Total Environment , is titled: "Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Provide Information on Controlling the COVID-19 Pandemic?"

Naturally, its publication has sparked outrage and criticism in the scientific community and forced the University of Pittsburgh authors to request a retraction .

The study’s lead author, Moses Bility , is an assistant professor of infectious diseases and microbiology at the University of Pittsburgh. Which adds even more derision to this situation, in which a ridiculous study has been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

The study, which is no longer available online, explored the idea that the new coronavirus is not new, but rather a virus that has been hidden in DNA and that had been activated by a change in the planet’s geomagnetic field .

The document claimed that jade, with its own geomagnetic properties, can prevent the virus from making you sick.

It is true that strong magnetic fields can influence chemical reactions, but the long wavelength anomalies in this rat study are nowhere near what would be required to have such an effect . Also wrong is the idea that jade can stop COVID-19 symptoms, a theory based on records of practices in ancient China during a period of similar geomagnetic conditions.

We are facing a serious situation. It is not the first time that poorly reviewed studies have been published claiming outrageous things , such as that vaccines cause autism .

And it’s serious because, even when studies are dropped, people are slow to forget claims like this: that vaccines can cause autism; which in turn reinforces conspiracy theories that can lead the public to circumvent actual scientific or security measures. Because we have enough to face the scientific ignorance of our politicians to also add that propagated by the scientific auditors in whom we must trust: