Eating alone is not a good idea

Eating alone is not a good idea

Going alone to a restaurant is less and less frowned upon (and, in addition, with our smartphone at the ready we are connected with many people while we eat). However, eating alone in general, at home, is not recommended .

At least there is a correlation that indicates that eating alone and living alone, at least in men, is associated with a higher prevalence of weight problems, both obesity and extreme thinness. There is also a deficit of fruit and vegetables.

Eat alone

Although it sounds like a truism, people who eat alone also tend to feel more alone. According to a study carried out by the British Government in 2013, people who live alone also throw away 40% more food than those who live with someone .

And in the case of the elderly, eating alone is even worse, as Charles Spece points out in his book Gastrophysics :

Many older people in hospitals or nursing homes for long periods of time also suffer from malnutrition, which is often made worse by being forced to eat alone. Anything that can restore the social element at mealtime could help improve the nutritional status of vulnerable people.

Image | Jose Carlos Cortizo Perez