Eating yogurt can help adults with high blood pressure

Eating yogurt can help adults with high blood pressure

According to a new study led by an international team, yogurt consumption may help lower blood pressure in adults with elevated blood pressure .

Researchers analyzed cross-sectional data from 915 adults (mean age 62.1 years) from the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study. Approximately 62% of the sample had high blood pressure defined as 140/90 mmHg .

First study of this kind

Statistical analyzes revealed modest but statistically significant reductions in systolic blood pressure among people with high blood pressure who consumed yogurt.

This study was the first to ask whether yogurt lowers blood pressure in people exhibiting normal levels of PA, according to the researchers. There was no improvement associated with yogurt intake in people with normal blood pressure .

Findings were before and after adjusting for confounding of many other variables known to influence blood pressure, such as age, sex, education, diabetes, body mass index, cholesterol, blood pressure levels. blood sugar, exercise, and other dietary variables.