Envo kit converts regular bikes into electric snow bikes

Envo kit converts regular bikes into electric snow bikes

We’ve already seen kits to convert traditional bikes to electric bikes and to convert them into pedal-operated snow machines – this electric snow bike kit goes one step further by combining the two .

Manufactured by Canadian electric mobility company Envo, the kit is designed for use with mountain bikes .

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According to Envo, the kit offers a maximum motor-assisted speed of 18 km / h and is efficient for a range of approximately 10 km, or two hours of use , per 8 hours of charge.

It should be noted that the length of the bike’s chain needs to be adjusted and its rear derailleur needs to be removed, so installation is not straightforward.

Envo Snowbikekit Ft Parts 1536x1536

The bike’s existing chain delivers power from the rider’s legs to a sprocket attached to the side of the motor, while a 48V / 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery pack mounted on the down tube provides power. electrical .

A sensor mounted on the crank detects when the rider is pedaling, signaling the motor to activate accordingly. If the rider wishes, they can also activate the motor without pedaling, via a handlebar-mounted thumb throttle switch.

For relatively compact snow, users may prefer to keep the existing front wheel in place. However, for deeper snow, an included adapter allows you to replace that wheel with a snowboard .

In this way, the bicycle can easily cover any terrain, which opens a little more of the way towards universal transport. The electric bicycle is probably the next evolutionary step to the bicycle, which in its day already constituted a whole change in the mobility of society; It even worked as a kind of Tinder to meet future couples further out of your scope and freed women, as you can see in the following video: