Food that makes you happy, food that makes you unhappy (especially if you are a woman)

Food that makes you happy, food that makes you unhappy (especially if you are a woman)

Eating high-calorie foods is usually a way to cope with sadness or a bad day in general, especially if we are talking about chocolate or junk food.

However, studies suggest that other kinds of diets are mood-enhancing in people with depression.

Mediterranean diet

A meta-analysis published in 2019 , which analyzed a total of 45,000 patients in 16 studies, suggests that a correct diet can reduce depressive and anxiety symptoms. The effect seems more important in women .

Apparently, it is the Mediterranean diet that allows a greater reduction in depressive symptoms (at least there is a correlational link), as suggested by the following study published in BMC Medicine.

In it, the effects of three diets were compared:

  1. a Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil (1 liter per week)
  2. a Mediterranean diet with nuts (30 grams a day)
  3. a low-fat diet.

After studying a total of 7,447 people, randomly divided into three homogeneous groups of about 2,500 participants, it was concluded that in the second diet, that of nuts, there was an inverse relationship compared to the control group with a reduction in the 20-30% risk of depression. However, when it came to a group of patients with diabetes, then there was a 40% reduction in the risk of depression .

Eating certain very sugary or caloric foods can make us feel better at any given moment, if we are having a bad time. However, abusing this strategy is similar to having found a button that provides happiness . As you will see in the next video, it is better not to press (too much) that button: