Here you have the world’s first electric wingsuit and a new form of even more extreme sport

Here you have the world's first electric wingsuit and a new form of even more extreme sport

An air or wings costume suit (Wingsuit) is a suit wings used to plan, as a form of skydiving. The horizontal displacement in this modality increases while the vertical descent decreases, compared to traditional skydiving in free fall.

Now we can enjoy the first suit with wings, which is also electric .

Electric wingsuit

Thanks to the collaboration between BMW i and Designworks, Austrian professional jumper and skydiver Peter Salzmann has fulfilled his dream of flying in the most innovative way: a winged suit with an electric motor to fly without emitting gases at 300 kilometers per hour .

The wingsuit was designed to incorporate air intakes for the propulsion system. There is an on / off switch, a two-finger throttle, and some sort of steering gear, as well as a kill switch for emergencies.

The propeller produces a relatively modest 15 kW (20 hp) combined for about five minutes, but the results are quite impressive.

This happens because, while the most horizontal glide ratio of a normal wingsuit drops by about one meter for every three meters traveled horizontally, and the speed reaches a maximum of 100 km / h, when Salzmann activates the electrical impulse, it can reach speeds over 300 km / h, and actually gain altitude instead of constantly descending .


For his maiden flight, Salzmann flew the helicopter along with two other wingsuit pilots over the mountain tops of his native Austria. After jumping, from an altitude of 3,000 meters, the three flew in formation in the direction of a mountainous massif .