How many lives are saved by investing in cancer research?

How many lives are saved by investing in cancer research?

According to an analysis published in the journal JAMA Oncology , based on 23 clinical analyzes conducted by the National Cancer Institute between 1965 and 2012, every euro invested in cancer research saves lives .

In fact, it literally saves lives. According to the analysis, for every 110 euros invested, one person gets one year of life .

Investing in research

Cancer research in recent years, therefore, has served to gain 3.34 million years of life, although the performance, of course, is not the same in all countries. This is why it is so important to invest in cancer research, and science in general.

Worldwide, the most common tumor is lung , directly related to tobacco use, which, although it is beginning to decline in more developed regions such as the United States or Europe, is still on the rise in overpopulated regions such as Africa or China.

On the other hand, in Spain the situation is different and, taking into account both sexes, the most frequent type of tumor is colorectal, with (41,441 new cases in 2015), followed by prostate (33,370), lung (28,347), breast (27,747), bladder (21,093), stomach (8,456), non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (7,670), pancreas (6,914), liver (5,800), and kidney (5,579).