How to always win at poker? This software knows

How to always win at poker? This software knows

Cepheus is a software capable of always winning at poker and has been developed by a team of researchers from the University of Alberta (Canada).

The software is based on a new algorithm that learns from unsuccessful decisions and even data that may be false (such as bluffing). The finding was published by the journal Science .


For his training, Cepheus battled himself on 4,000 computers for two months , making 6,000 million hands every second. As he explains to Michael Bowling , a co-author of the study:

Cepheus has created and developed its own strategy from scratch, only knowing the rules of the game. The result is more than 260 terabytes of information, 1,000 times more than the English version of Wikipedia.

On the first hand it looks like a very experienced human player could defeat Cepheus (although he most likely would have to play millions of times to do so). After the first hand, Cepheus is already unbeatable. Although this is nothing: we review here the state of computers dedicated to games, showing that they already beat human champions in a wide series of games . Image | Viri G