If you live 80 years you will shed 80 liters of tears and other figures about what you will live and experience

If you live 80 years you will shed 80 liters of tears and other figures about what you will live and experience

Eighty years of life expectancy means living around 30,000 days. 30,000 days is 1,000 months . On average, you will live at least three-quarters of all the days of your life with hardly any critical health problems, which is a relief.

But you will also experience, gain or lose all these things.

You will work 10% of your life

  1. Your heart will beat 2.8 billion times (75 times per minute, 4,500 times per hour, 108,000 times per day)
  2. You will spend an average 3.5 years eating without leaving the table . If you eat balanced, you will devour about 7,300 eggs and 160 kg of chocolate.
  3. You will walk an average of 22,000 kilometers. You will almost go around the world.
  4. You will blink 415 billion times.
  5. You will lose 19 kg of skin from scratching.
  6. You will expel 40,000 liters of urine.
  7. Dislodging about 4,400 kg of excrement in six months.
  8. Your eyes will release 80 liters of tears . Most of your tears will be secreted solely and exclusively to keep your eyes moist (daily, enough tears are produced to fill 3 sewing thimbles).
  9. Your hair will grow 950 kilometers.
  10. You will work almost 3,000 days, that is, 8 years. 10% of your life .
  11. You will speak for a total of 12 years with about 2,000 different people. With some, you will end up kissing for a total of 2 weeks.
  12. And best of all, it is more than likely that you live all this, or at least now it is more likely than before in history : it does nothing, in 1966, when the Beatles recorded S gt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band , went from 31% to 2.5%: only 2 out of 100 people did not reach the age of majority. In 2009, less than 1% died before reaching the age of 16. And the survivors, who are almost all, had an 87% probability of reaching 64 years (and 92% if you were a woman).

Yes, we are all going to die one day (unless medical science manages to find the key to eternal life). We have about 30,000 days (or 1,000 months) , especially if you live in Europe or North America. Take advantage of them.

And if you feel that you lack time, that the day does not spread, perhaps it is not so much that now you are busier or that you work more , but that your time is worth more than before, as you can see in the following video: