Indulging in an artistic activity could reduce your stress

Indulging in an artistic activity could reduce your stress

A recent study published in the journal Art Therapy that has been carried out by experts from Drexel University in Philadelphia, suggests that creating art in any of its manifestations can reduce stress levels , regardless of the artistic ability that we harbor.

And, in general, doing things by hand, by ourselves, not only has cognitively measurable effects on our brain, but also because it produces a pleasure that is difficult to explain that is well known to DIYers.

The study researchers mentioned they had a somewhat modest sample size: 39 adults between the ages of 18 and 59 . Participants were able to choose between materials such as play dough, pencils or paper and carry out a 45-minute art session. Before and after the session, the experts took saliva samples from each participant, in order to measure their levels of cortisol, called the “stress hormone”. The researchers identified a reduction in cortisol levels among 75% of the participants. As Girija Kaimal , study leader, explains:

It was not surprising, since that is the central idea of ​​art therapy: everyone is creative and can be expressive in the visual arts when working in a supportive environment. That said, I was hoping that perhaps the effects would be stronger for those with prior experience.

Technology offers us comfort and productivity, but what tribute do we pay for it? We not only lose certain intellectual and manual skills, but also the pleasure of having something unique that our own firm has. And, from what this study points out, lower our cortisol levels.

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