More people have voted for Trump because left-wing identity politics and political correctness create aversion

More people have voted for Trump because left-wing identity politics and political correctness create aversion

Biden has won the elections, but that does not mean that Trump has been voted by many more people than in the previous elections, not less; so many people that it has even surpassed the voters who favored Barack Obama in 2008.

Cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker argues that this happens , among other reasons, because many people dislike the identity politics of the left.

It’s surprising to think that in 2020 Biden could run for president with an ad that says, "I believe in the Enlightenment, Newtonian physics, and the Age of Reason. The other doesn’t."

How is it possible, then, that people continue to vote en masse for Trump? Don’t you really believe in science? Are they just rednecks?

Partitocratic tension

Trump’s obvious disdain for telling the truth is upsetting when he exaggerates the size of his crowd, the size of his hands, the size of his bank account, or the size of his election victory.

But his disdain for science has turned fatal, as we are seeing in this growing pandemic . Trump has gone from offering healers remedies such as disinfectants, ultraviolet light and hydroxychloroquine, to taunting people, including Biden, for adopting the easiest and most scientifically proven method of limiting the spread of the coronavirus: wearing a face mask.

One of the main differences between the Enlightenment and the Middle Ages is respect for knowledge, respect for science. The whole idea of ​​progress requires looking at problems objectively, finding and testing solutions, and then spreading and using the best of them. This is how we grow, this is how we learn, this is how we thrive. But, perhaps, his voters are not so medieval.

Perhaps many think that they vote for Trump, a grotesque creature, as revenge, out of fill, as a way to break the deck. Perhaps the media simply caricatures Trump so much that people apologize for his coming out of the pot. Or perhaps they are growing weary of the moral superiority of the opposing side .

Be that as it may, the United States is highly polarized. And that polarization will also reach us. You can delve a little more into all of it in the following video: