Reef fish are able to see colors that humans do not perceive

Reef fish see colors that humans cannot perceive , according to a study by researchers at the University of Queensland (Australia). Specifically, the studies, which have been published in the Royal Society Open Science , were carried out with specimens of triggerfish by a team from Professor Justin Marshall’s Sensory Neurobiology Laboratory at the Queensland … Read more

From emerging intelligence from slime mold to artificial intelligence

There was once an extremely simple creature such as the slime mold ( Dictyostelium discoideum ) that puzzled scientists for a long time and whose behavior only began to be deciphered when the barriers that separate the different disciplines were broken until Molecular Biology and Physics they shook hands, and also embryology, mathematics and computer … Read more

Bees are able to teach other bees to solve puzzles

A recent study concludes that bees, those tiny buzzards that pay homage to a queen, are capable of imitating other bees and learning to pull a string that gives them access to a good cocktail of sugar water. That is, they are capable of teaching a puzzle to their peers , as the study, published … Read more

This rat is immune to pain and now we know why

The naked mole rat ( Heterocephalus glaber ) is immune to pain , at least immune enough to flinch if it nibbles on a chili pepper or the water in which it is submerged is too hot. Researchers at the Max-Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin have just published in Cell Reports a study … Read more

The future of drugs thanks to biotechnology

Synthetic biology is going to bring us all kinds of wonders, but also new forms of crime. For example, biotechnology enables the transformation of a world of narcotic drugs made from plants to another of drugs of synthetic origin. For example, they could take the genetic code of the active ingredients in marijuana, green poppy, … Read more

The reason why tomatoes lose their flavor in the fridge is discovered

One of the most repeated arguments about organic farming being better compared to conventional or even transgenic farming is the taste: tomatoes no longer taste like they used to. However, the real reason tomatoes lose flavor (and are more affordable than their organic counterparts) is that they are stored in the fridge to last longer … Read more

This newly discovered species has 4 penises (and over 400 legs)

200 poisonous glands, 414 legs and 4 penises (actually modified legs), that’s all we can count on in this new species just discovered in unexplored marble caves in California’s Sequoia National Park. It is a millipod or millipede that has been named Illacme tobini in honor of the biospeleologist Ben Tobin of the United States … Read more

This is how bloody infidelity can be between penguins

76% of penguins mate with the same partner throughout their lives . However, how can a penguin react when his partner is unfaithful to another? The bloody image of that reaction is what we can see in this preview of the documentary shot by National Geopraphic about the confrontations that occur between animals . The … Read more

Why do seabirds eat plastic if it is deadly to them?

Due to smell, seabirds identify the increasingly ubiquitous plastic in the oceans as food, which ultimately has a lethal consequence for their body , as they end up feeding on that plastic. Specifically, marine plastic debris emits the smell of a sulfurous compound , and this is what birds have always relied on to find … Read more

This spider is above all: it lives at 6700 meters of altitude

It is difficult to imagine something or someone living at an altitude of 6700 meters , but it is more difficult if what survives at that altitude where there is hardly any oxygen and the temperatures sink to the marrow, is a spider. Discovered in 1924 on Mount Everest, the Himalayan jumping spider ( Euophrys … Read more

We compare the smallest ant in the world with the largest

The longest worker ant on the dot has a body 3.7 centimeters in length. It is the Australian giant ant or bulldig ant ( Myrmecia brevinoda ), of the bull ant species. On the other hand, the smallest ant in the world is the Cerebara bruni , a native species of Sri Lanka, which has … Read more

New killer fly discovered in Africa

A team of scientists has discovered a new species ( Trichoura pardeos ), whose genus lives exclusively in arid environments in southern Africa . The study on the finding has been published in African Invertebrates . The genus Trichoura now consists of seven species. The specimens are generally reddish brown in color with silvery, white … Read more

Baboons use vowels similar to ours

After an acoustic analysis, it was discovered that baboons , a medium to large primate with terrestrial habits that rarely climbs trees, make five vowel-like sounds . To make this finding , Louis-Jean Boë and his colleagues at the University of Grenoble Alpes in France had to acoustically analyze baboon grunts, roars, copulation calls and … Read more

This is the first video we have of the red sea dragon

Related to seahorses, this species was cataloged as recently as 2015. It is the red sea dragon ( Phyllopteryx dewysea ) of which, finally, we have the first video: until now we only knew of its existence from sequenced DNA from remains found on the beach. The specimen has been found more than 50 meters … Read more

This fish changes sex 20 times … every day

Journal of Behavioral Ecology has published a study in which biologists at the University of Florida have described one of those creatures that seems to come from another planet, or simply seem like a joke of evolution. And it is that this fish that lives in the coral reefs off Panama is a monogamous hermaphrodite … Read more

It is discovered (better) how the ants are oriented: thanks to the sun

According to new research from the University of Edinburgh, and published in the journal Current Biology , ants’ orientation abilities are more sophisticated than previously thought. At least when it comes to getting your bearings. And it is that, apparently, the ants make use of the position of the sun and visual memories of their … Read more

This worm is resurrected after being frozen

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the University of Otago, New Zealand, have published in Cryobiology the first molecular study of an organism capable of surviving the internal freezing of its cells . The roundworm ( Panagrolaimus sp. DAW1 ), a small Antarctic nematode, was cultivated in a coastal Antarctic penguin colony in McMurdo Sound, … Read more