No, Reiki cannot help you at all against COVID-19 because it is a scam

No, Reiki cannot help you at all against COVID-19 because it is a scam

"The experts in this complementary therapy (Reiki) recognized by the WHO defend that it can contribute to minimize the effects of the disease", blatantly publishes the newspaper La Vanguardia .

And also that it can help fight COVID-19.

Pseudoscience in the media

"Reiki is a complementary therapy recognized by the World Health Organization, which helps alleviate stress, anguish, anxiety and physical pain", it is stated from a mass media that, presumably, has the intention of inform your readers .


"Reiki increases our immune system and that is why it helps a lot to minimize the effects caused by Covid-19." Neither.

This is all false. Neither Reiki is recognized by the WHO (it only limits itself to stating that there are people who use it, but it does not say anything about its effectiveness or usefulness, and even includes it in the set of faith-based treatments ), nor has it been shown to have some effect on health .

That a newspaper of national circulation makes such affirmations is comparable to affirming that the extraterrestrials exist and they visit us often, or that the Earth is flat .

It is grotesque that at this point there are still media that slide this content and do not immediately become part of a kind of black list of untrustworthy media. Because it is not the first time that this newspaper, La Vanguardia, splashes up to the hunch in the quagmire of pseudosciences , as Pere Estupinyà already denounced .

Reiki, feng shui, ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine are, as a whole, a scam. Even a simple nine-year-old girl has proven it with a simple experiment. But the media that we must trust publish such lies for the simple fact that they sell, or to respect each other’s beliefs .

Like a politician who once proposed to build an airstrip for UFOs simply because many people said they were spotting them, as I explain below: