One way to regain self-confidence is to listen to a certain type of music

One way to regain self-confidence is to listen to a certain type of music

We can all be victims of a bad time, have a drop in self-esteem, experience that we are impostors in our work performance. To combat these ups and downs, music can be a powerful ally .

It’s at least what a 2014 Northern University study suggested that music with a stronger baseline can make you feel more powerful, dominant, determined, and motivated.

Rocky effect

We all suffer ups and downs, worse there are people more sensitive than normal to them. They are hypersensitive people who can collapse after a single event that, for others, would not have greater importance. Common symptoms of this low self-esteem associated with hypersensitivity can be :

  • By not being able to trust your own opinion, you always think that someone else’s opinions are better.
  • Not expressing your opinion or not feeling confident enough in your ideas to share them.
  • Being afraid of facing challenges with the fear of not being able to overcome them.

It has long been suggested that music is a way of making people feel powerful . The research cited investigated whether music can evoke a sense of power and produce power-related cognition and behavior, which makes us immediately think about how the soundtrack of the movie Rocky , especially the Going to Distance cut, is capable of get us out of the quagmire in a few seconds.

By understanding what happens in the brain when self-esteem rises and falls, we can better understand when this happens and determine what caused the increases or decreases.

Thus, for example, the results of another study showed that social prediction errors (when we expect to have positive interactions or approval with other people but we do not have them) were the key to determining whether self-esteem went up or down .

In other words, what matters most is how you expect other people to see you, not how they really see you. And if it can be with powerful music, the better.