Orgasmic meditation or the pseudoscience of sex

Orgasmic meditation or the pseudoscience of sex

The orgasmic meditation practice is carried out with a partner. One person lies down, unclothed from the waist down, while their partner sits next to them. The one who sits uses his index finger slowly to caress the other’s clitoris and genitals .

Normally, this safe sex involves the use of gloves. The session lasts 15 minutes and is precisely timed. Both partners focus their attention on the point of contact. If the mind wanders, the attention is brought back to the point of contact.

Practitioners of orgasmic meditation argue that the practice nurtures the limbic system , the part of the brain that is associated with emotions, empathy, and motivation.

These crazy ideas about sex have been spread by One Taste training center, which is located in the SoMA district in San Francisco. One Taste has expanded to New York and California. And it is not the only institution that is dedicated to cultivating sexual pseudoscience.

The University of More

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Victor Baranco , back in 1968, founded in Purson Lane, Lafayette, California, the so-called Lafayette Morehouse , which adopted the name of University of More or Morehouse between 1977 and 1997. In reality, more than a university, it was a commune based on the ideal of “responsible hedonism.”

Between science and pseudoscience (although the balance leaned much more towards pseudoscience ), More University offered something unusual so far: the first public demonstration of the female orgasm. It happened in 1976. The demonstration lasted three hours.

Two of the students of Morehouse’s methods for prolonged orgasm were Drs Steve and Vera Bodansky , creators of the Extended Massive Orgasm , a technique for controlling orgasm and prolonging it over time.

The University of More, then, has always been a controversial institution, and its founder has been compared to Charles Manson , as explained by David Felton , in Mindfuckers . A place where sex was taught, the mind was freed, but things that were not true were also explained, people were manipulated like in any other sect and even cases of abuse and uncontrolled use of narcotics were reported.