Orgasmic meditation or the pseudoscience of sex

The orgasmic meditation practice is carried out with a partner. One person lies down, unclothed from the waist down, while their partner sits next to them. The one who sits uses his index finger slowly to caress the other’s clitoris and genitals . Normally, this safe sex involves the use of gloves. The session lasts … Read more

Four very simple reasons not to trust any pseudoscience

One can argue long and wide about the inconvenience of relying on pseudosciences, but the most important points could be summarized in four maxims that we offer you below . Obviously, when we say not to trust pseudosciences, it should not be interpreted that the particular approaches of a certain pseudoscience do not end up … Read more

Should we invest resources in investigating pseudosciences?

Despite the fact that it is relatively easy to identify a pseudoscience, there are still many people who trust them or who, in any case, consider it appropriate to investigate them thoroughly to see if they really are a pseudoscience or not . In the meantime, we have the list of shame in effect, and … Read more

The volcano that the Romanticism spit was not so bad

Volcanoes are fascinating geological phenomena, capable of vomiting the bowels of the Earth, producing diamonds and even, in their dormant state, giving fruit to a national park that seems to be from another planet, that of Yellowstone. To measure the fierceness of a volcano’s eruption, the Volcanic Explosive Index (IEV) is used, a scale that … Read more

People blinded by the sun of wisdom light

Plato’s allegory of the cave is a simple allegory of pedagogical-philosophical intentions that, nevertheless, has always been very effective for me to silver a certain very little intuitive blindness: not so much the blindness of the ignorant, but of the one who believes himself enlightened with wisdom eternal, indisputable and not open to criticism. According … Read more

The UFO of the Holes

The God of the holes refers, broadly, to the idea of ​​God that many people forge to fill their gaps of ignorance . For example, I do not know how the universe originated or the reason for its existence, therefore the answer is God (however, that filling does not really explain anything, because we can … Read more

The first thinking machine was made up of dogmatic discs

One of the Spanish science fiction novels that I most enjoyed in its day was La locura de Dios , by Juan Miguel Aguilera , in which Ramón Llull carried out an expedition in search of the Kingdom of Preste Juan. The most interesting thing about the work is, undoubtedly, Llull’s scientific vision in a … Read more

If you are willing to explore, be aware of the consequences

If you manage to get a few million kilometers away from Earth , until it is just a pale blue dot surrounded by millions of galaxies, you take perspective, and ask yourself: why do people attach so much importance to ideas and customs when they are only trifles in a incomprehensible universe? Why so much … Read more

Minamata disease: mercury inside fish

Stray cats in a small fishing village south of the Japanese island of Kyushu used to develop tremors and uncoordinated movements after snooping around places where fish were unloaded. Some time later, this kind of San Vito dance began to occur also among human beings, together with loss of consciousness or delusional ideas. What was … Read more

The city that lived by and for the science devised by Bacon

Francis Bacon , despite not considering himself a scientist, was one of the fathers of modern science for his way of approaching the problem of how to accumulate verifiable knowledge. In one of his lesser-known books, however, he tells the made-up story in which some sailors arrive at an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean: … Read more

Looking through the lens of science or being ‘smart’

As a child, ten or twelve years old, I saw the first glimpses of reality through the lenses of science. I was not like Francis Bacon , I did not even come out of Plato’s cave. I just watched UFO debates on television that my father would sometimes put on. In these debates, everyone seemed … Read more

Rods: ectoplasmic cigarettes

I’ve read about telepathy, ESP, astrology, the Bermuda triangle, spirits, dowsers, and the Nostradamus prophecies. I have studied the manuscripts of the Pope of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard , the keys to the structure of galaxies in the energy of human orgasms by Wilhelm Reich, the electrical creation of microscopic insects with salts by Andrew … Read more

Three things I would like to stamp on a t-shirt

There are simple ideas, although their substrate is tremendously complex, that are often lost through the sink of memory, of daily chores, of zombie inertia. They are ideas that deserve, in my opinion, to be remembered. So if I have the opportunity, I would like to stamp them on a t-shirt . But not in … Read more