The volcano that the Romanticism spit was not so bad

Volcanoes are fascinating geological phenomena, capable of vomiting the bowels of the Earth, producing diamonds and even, in their dormant state, giving fruit to a national park that seems to be from another planet, that of Yellowstone. To measure the fierceness of a volcano’s eruption, the Volcanic Explosive Index (IEV) is used, a scale that … Read more

Minamata disease: mercury inside fish

Stray cats in a small fishing village south of the Japanese island of Kyushu used to develop tremors and uncoordinated movements after snooping around places where fish were unloaded. Some time later, this kind of San Vito dance began to occur also among human beings, together with loss of consciousness or delusional ideas. What was … Read more

The city that lived by and for the science devised by Bacon

Francis Bacon , despite not considering himself a scientist, was one of the fathers of modern science for his way of approaching the problem of how to accumulate verifiable knowledge. In one of his lesser-known books, however, he tells the made-up story in which some sailors arrive at an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean: … Read more

What Babies Born in Different Cultures Eat

What we eat every day, and even what we consider our favorite dishes, are a mixture of genetics and environment, but above all of environment : depending on the country or culture in which we have grown up, they will be one or the other. So what seems disgusting to us can be delicious to … Read more

Does microwave cooking reduce vitamins and nutrients in food?

Shortly after the microwave oven was commercialized, many were those who refused to use it, claiming that it caused cancer and other diseases. Later, the microwave oven is already a must-have appliance in practically any kitchen. However, there are still remissions that point out that, although the microwave is not bad for health in itself, … Read more

See the world’s largest firefighting plane

Current trends in the worsening of wildfires globally call for more effective response tools. And, for this, the Boeing 747-400 Global SuperTanker has been built, which you can see in action in the following video. This titan of the skies calls himself the Spirit of John Muir and is considered the largest firefighting aircraft in … Read more

What dogs see when they watch television

Pet owners in the UK spent around $ 150 million on Christmas gifts for their pets in 2008. Or that in Japan there are almost 19 million pets (more than the number of children under 15 years of age): the industry dedicated to their care and comfort generates 8.8 billion dollars a year. There are … Read more

What is the best day of the week to rob a bank?

Due to the economic crisis and the somewhat immoral or usurious behavior of some banks, more and more people are fantasizing about the idea of going to their trusted bank and taking everything , while you execute a firm comb at the director: remember my mortgage? Without wanting to give ideas of anything, any day … Read more

Polyester pants reduce fertility in rats, IgNobel of the year

The IgNobel prizes have just been awarded, the comic but not without scientific interest of the Nobel Prize. All the categories have presented equally strange or singular winners, but without a doubt the most tricky of all has been the winner of the Ig Nobel Reproduction category. In the study , Ahmed Shafik analyzed the … Read more

Among the paper wasps, having the face of few friends is scary

Biologist Elizabeth Tibbetts from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan has discovered that paper wasps ( Polistes fuscatus ) are measured through the face. Or, exactly, through some black spots that stand out against the yellow of the face. The more irregular these spots are, the wasps interpret the … Read more

The modern definition of the metro turns 127 years old

September 28 marked the 127th anniversary of the First General Conference on Weights and Measures , which served to define the meter as the distance between two lines in a platinum and iridium bar, although previously, in the French Revolution of 1789, Scientific Commissions have already been appointed to standardize weights and measures, including length. … Read more