Orgasmic meditation or the pseudoscience of sex

The orgasmic meditation practice is carried out with a partner. One person lies down, unclothed from the waist down, while their partner sits next to them. The one who sits uses his index finger slowly to caress the other’s clitoris and genitals . Normally, this safe sex involves the use of gloves. The session lasts … Read more

Four very simple reasons not to trust any pseudoscience

One can argue long and wide about the inconvenience of relying on pseudosciences, but the most important points could be summarized in four maxims that we offer you below . Obviously, when we say not to trust pseudosciences, it should not be interpreted that the particular approaches of a certain pseudoscience do not end up … Read more

Should we invest resources in investigating pseudosciences?

Despite the fact that it is relatively easy to identify a pseudoscience, there are still many people who trust them or who, in any case, consider it appropriate to investigate them thoroughly to see if they really are a pseudoscience or not . In the meantime, we have the list of shame in effect, and … Read more

People blinded by the sun of wisdom light

Plato’s allegory of the cave is a simple allegory of pedagogical-philosophical intentions that, nevertheless, has always been very effective for me to silver a certain very little intuitive blindness: not so much the blindness of the ignorant, but of the one who believes himself enlightened with wisdom eternal, indisputable and not open to criticism. According … Read more

The UFO of the Holes

The God of the holes refers, broadly, to the idea of ​​God that many people forge to fill their gaps of ignorance . For example, I do not know how the universe originated or the reason for its existence, therefore the answer is God (however, that filling does not really explain anything, because we can … Read more

The first thinking machine was made up of dogmatic discs

One of the Spanish science fiction novels that I most enjoyed in its day was La locura de Dios , by Juan Miguel Aguilera , in which Ramón Llull carried out an expedition in search of the Kingdom of Preste Juan. The most interesting thing about the work is, undoubtedly, Llull’s scientific vision in a … Read more

If you are willing to explore, be aware of the consequences

If you manage to get a few million kilometers away from Earth , until it is just a pale blue dot surrounded by millions of galaxies, you take perspective, and ask yourself: why do people attach so much importance to ideas and customs when they are only trifles in a incomprehensible universe? Why so much … Read more

Looking through the lens of science or being ‘smart’

As a child, ten or twelve years old, I saw the first glimpses of reality through the lenses of science. I was not like Francis Bacon , I did not even come out of Plato’s cave. I just watched UFO debates on television that my father would sometimes put on. In these debates, everyone seemed … Read more

Rods: ectoplasmic cigarettes

I’ve read about telepathy, ESP, astrology, the Bermuda triangle, spirits, dowsers, and the Nostradamus prophecies. I have studied the manuscripts of the Pope of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard , the keys to the structure of galaxies in the energy of human orgasms by Wilhelm Reich, the electrical creation of microscopic insects with salts by Andrew … Read more

Three things I would like to stamp on a t-shirt

There are simple ideas, although their substrate is tremendously complex, that are often lost through the sink of memory, of daily chores, of zombie inertia. They are ideas that deserve, in my opinion, to be remembered. So if I have the opportunity, I would like to stamp them on a t-shirt . But not in … Read more

Opinion Opinion Opinions

Often, when I debate with someone about ideas that I consider radically false or unproven (such as the horoscope or homeopathy) I forget to warn the interlocutor that they are all opinions, mine and theirs, albeit with nuances. I have many opinions. I am human, my brain is human. I harbor feelings, hunches, biases, idiocies … Read more

Bacon’s 4 mistakes (we should learn from)

When we form our opinion on any subject or generate our unquestionable beliefs, we often stumble into the same mistakes. In reality, these errors could be summed up in four . They are four errors that were shelled in 1267 by the English philosopher and friar Roger Bacon in a book that dealt with many … Read more

Complaint against Discovery DSalud magazine for an ad about cancer

I read in Magonia that the Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC) has denounced to the Ministry of Health an advertisement about cancer published by the Discovery DSalud magazine according to which "millions of people die every year from cancer because chemotherapy and radiotherapy does not work! ", among other unscientific claims. It is not the first … Read more

The unnecessary hypothesis of God, according to Laplace

There is an anecdote attributed to Pierre-Simon Laplace , a mathematician who defended strong determinism, who published the first two of his Mécanique céleste inspired by the work of Newton , providing mathematical tools to determine the movements and positions of all bodies in the solar system, at any time, past, present or future. That … Read more

Quackery kills more than crimes

The next time someone argues that beliefs are respectable (when what people are respectable are) and that everyone can believe whatever they want, no matter how irrational, no matter how tricky it is for mainstream science, and that everything this is innocuous, you have to remind him that, for example, quackery kills more than crimes … Read more

Could Traditional Chinese Medicine Extinguish Donkeys?

Traditional Chinese medicine is no more effective than conventional medicine, and as the Orientals put it aside, life expectancy increases. Yet traditional medicine continues its following because it’s cool (as well as fueling some of our most ingrained cognitive biases). The problem is that these therapies could endanger the donkey as a species . Ejiao … Read more

How the Moon influences the menstruation of women

The horoscope, which bases its theory on the never-proven idea that the stars influence our character or the future of our lives, is still a hoax. However, is there evidence that the Moon could indeed influence menstruation in women? Selenite influence When we are born, the gravitational force of the doctor is 400,000 times greater … Read more