Carl Sagan: 20 years longing for his absence

For many, Cosmos was the first truly vibrant and profound approach to science popularization, and the voice of Carl Sagan , the first to tell extraordinary things without resorting to myths, hoaxes, and hoaxes. In fact, my first love with Sagan was not Cosmos, but his book The World and its Demons , his analysis … Read more

It is 138 years since the birth of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein has become, on a popular level, at least, the iconic genius of the twentieth century, both for better and for worse: therefore, around him there are multiple myths or misdigested ideas, such as that he was a believer or that he was a bad student. Both false, by the way. Today marks the … Read more

Humanity has 100 years left, according to Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking has become such a pop scientist that his opinions on any subject, whether he is an expert on it or not, is disseminated as a kind of revealed truth, in the worst sense of the fallacy of authority. The last one is that humanity will be destroyed 100 years from now . Hawking’s … Read more

The creator of fuzzy logic dies

The creator of fuzzy logic: Lotfi A. Zadeh, has died at the age of 97, in Berkeley (United States), on September 6. Fuzzy logic is a technique that has made it possible for computers, and machines in general, to understand imprecise instructions such as ‘brake gently’ or ‘cool until the air is cool’. In the … Read more

Marc Andreessen and his firm ideas with flexibility

Marc Andreessen was involved in the creation of the influential Internet browser MOSAIC (the second graphical web browser available to view web pages on the Microsoft Windows operating system), as well as Netscape, a company that would later sell to AOL for $ 4.2 billion. He later founded Loudcloud, which he also sold for 1.6 … Read more

A century has passed since the birth of the great Richard Feynman

Born in Manhattan on May 11, 1918, Richard Feynman was born one hundred years, this brilliant theoretical physicist who, among other milestones, is known for his work on the formulation of quantum mechanical path integrals, the theory of quantum electrodynamics and the physics of superfluidity of subcooled liquid helium. He received the Nobel Prize in … Read more

The person who disclosed the benefits of nuclear energy in Japan

Nuclear is fashionable, but for the worse. It has always been bad . The reason has been the HBO series Chernobyl, which for many has already become the best series in history. Enthusiastic considerations aside, the truth is that the series conveys the idea that nuclear power isn’t necessarily bad … as long as science … Read more