Personalized masks with your own face – yes, it’s as disturbing as it sounds

Personalized masks with your own face - yes, it's as disturbing as it sounds

Face masks are our new normal, which forces us to have a somewhat hidden life: they can basically only look us in the eye.

Wearing masks can save lives, but it can also be strange to never see real people’s faces, which is why one company has come up with an ingenious solution: face masks that look like your face .


Maskalike , a line of face masks that can be personalized with any image of your choice, including a selfie, is the solution for others to know what face you have in this new normal. Its creator is called Danielle Baskin .

Selfie masks are eerily realistic.

As an artist and product designer, Danielle Baskin has created many other wacky inventions to ease the strangeness of our new reality, including N95 skins that can unlock your phone and QuarantineChat , a service for connecting people in isolation via phone calls.


To demonstrate just how realistic his selfie masks are, Baskin shared photos of his own mask on Twitter and wrote : ‘When I go out I wear my second face.’