Reading is contagious: a practical reason to read aloud to your children

Reading is contagious: a practical reason to read aloud to your children

75 percent of parents wish their children read more for fun, and those who want to encourage their children to become bookworms can start by reading aloud at home .

Especially to counteract the fact that in recent years, especially as a result of the proliferation of the smartphone, parents have begun to read less to their children, as indicated by a survey carried out by Common Sense Media.

Contagion effect

While most parents stop reading aloud after their children learn to read on their own, a Scholastic report suggests that reading aloud to children during their elementary school years can inspire them to become readers. frequent, that is, children who read five to seven days a week for fun.

More than 40 percent of the six to ten-year-old frequent readers were read aloud at home, but only 13 percent of those who did not read frequently. Translation? Story time is a great way to spark interest in the hobby .

In addition, the report points out the opinions of parents about the three most important skills that children should have. Parents of children ages 6 to 17 (left) and children ages 6 to 17 (right):

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As Maryanne Wolf explains in her book Reader, Come Home :

For more than four decades, one of the main factors in the subsequent development of reading has been the frequency with which parents read to their children. There are currently a number of excellent initiatives around the world urging parents to do so, such as the successful American Reach Of & Read campaign, promoted by pediatricians Barry Zuckerman and Perri Klaus; the Italian project Nati per leggere, and the successful Bring Me A Book program that Judy Koch implemented in California and China.

Reading is also important to not feel alone: ​​because reading, many times, is not so much to escape from social relationships, but to establish social relationships with much more interesting people, as you can see in the following vindication of the idea of ​​drinking coffee with a book :