Roscosmos has launched a contest to select the first actress to shoot a movie in space

Roscosmos has launched a contest to select the first actress to shoot a movie in space

The film with the working title of ‘Challenge’ is a joint project of the Roscosmos State Corporation, Channel One and the Yellow, Black and White studio. It will be the first shot in space .

And for this, they need an actress who is capable of traveling to the International Space Station, as a good protagonist of the first feature film shot in space. Filming will take place at the orbital complex in the fall of 2021.

Space experiment

This is a kind of space experiment. The actress selected by the competition and a medical commission will have to perform the functions of astronaut-researcher and become a full member of the crew .

The requirements that the suitors must meet:

  • citizenship of Russia,
  • age 25 to 45 years,
  • basic knowledge of English,
  • height from 150 to 180 centimeters,
  • weight from 50 to 75 kilograms.

A commission of doctors and experts will evaluate your correspondence to the medical, psychological, physical preparation, educational level and professional aptitude requirements , necessary to participate in a space flight and work on the space station .

Candidates who pass this test will be sent to the Cosmonaut School, where they will train for three months. As Alexey Trotsyur , producer of Yellow, Black and White explains:

We are looking for a woman who can play her role on Earth, and then endure the most difficult preparation, fly into space and there, in a state of weightlessness, also solve the most difficult tasks. That is why we, along with Channel One and Roscosmos State Corporation, are announcing an all-Russian casting.