Self-inflicted injuries on the rise among Gen Z girls

Self-inflicted injuries on the rise among Gen Z girls

Generation Z , also known by other names, such as the postmillennial or centuric generation, that is, born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, differs from the rest in that they have higher suicide rates.

Despite the fact that suicides have been declining, there has been a rebound in this age segment, especially in the case of girls. This is why there have also been increases in self-inflicted injuries .

Pressure and loneliness

The suicide rate for boys peaked in 1991. The rate for girls, however, has been fairly constant all these years .

Compared to the early 2000s, now nearly twice as many teenage girls end their lives.

A recent study confirmed the rise in mental illness with a data set that analyzed "non-fatal self-inflicted injuries" as well, as Jonathan Haidt writes in his book The Transformation of the Modern Mind :

These were cases in which adolescents came to emergency centers because they had injured themselves, for example, cutting themselves with a razor blade, nodding against the wall or drinking poison.