Sex without a condom and marriage without sex: new data that we now know thanks to big data

Sex without a condom and marriage without sex: new data that we now know thanks to big data

If the big data that can be extracted from the searches carried out by Google users is analyzed, singular facts such as the practice of sex without a condom or the marriages that do not have sex can be correlated .

This happens because the daily action of typing a word or phrase in a search engine makes us be honest (because nobody looks at us or judges us) while leaving a trail that, multiplied by millions, ends up revealing profound realities .

Polls are not reliable

Surveys are not as reliable as big data when it comes to telling us the truth about our sex lives. For this reason, we found contradictory statistical data such as those offered by the General Social Survey , one of the most influential and reliable sources of information on the behavior of Americans .

According to this source, for example, women say on average that they have heterosexual sex 55 times per year and use a condom 16% of the time: that is about 1,100 million condoms used per year). In contrast, heterosexual men report using 1.6 billion condoms a year.

I mean, who is lying? Actually all of them, because, according to Nielsen, fewer than 600 million condoms are sold each year. Thanks to Google searches we can find out who is lying the most. In this case, men.

Big data also allows us to dive into the troubled issue of the lack of sex in marriage (which reveals that they are the most concerned, not them), as Seth Stephens-Davidowitz abounds in his book Everybody Lies :

On Google, the most frequent complaint related to marriage is the lack of sexual relations. Searches for "sexless marriage" are three and a half times as many as "unhappy marriage" and eight and a half times as many as "loveless marriage." Even couples who are not married complain quite often that they do not have enough relationships. Google searches for "sexless relationship" are second only to "abusive relationship."