Some infant formula milks contain more sugar than carbonated drinks

Some infant formula milks contain more sugar than carbonated drinks

Some formula milks have twice the sugar per serving as a glass of soda, according to new research . But perhaps most surprising is the fact that there are very few regulations to control sugar content and ensure that consumers are well informed.

Baby formula, formula milk, or infant formula is an artificial substitute for breast milk. It is usually produced from cow’s milk.

Breast milk and sugar

Breast milk is the recommended source of nutrition for babies, especially during the first six months of life. Although it is sweet, the sugar is mainly lactose and the content is specific to the needs of the baby.

In contrast, infant formula milks contain added sugars, such as corn syrup , which are added during production and are not found in breast milk.

This is harmful for babies because the high consumption of added sugars can contribute to tooth decay, poor diet and encourage obesity.

The study cited investigated the sugar content of 212 commercially available dairy formula products for infants under three years of age. The products were sold in supermarkets in 11 countries.

The findings revealed that more than half of the products contained more than 5 g of sugar per 100 ml. In many cases, the sugar content was higher than 7.5 g per 100 ml, which exceeds the levels recommended by the European Parliament for infants .

One more reason to opt for breast milk , which offers important benefits to the baby when sick and helps him recover sooner. Not to mention that it helps to curb climate change and saves more than 100 kg of CO2 per baby.