This resolution in the image of an atom is so tight that the only blur left is the thermal tremor of the atom itself.

A Cornell University team led by Engineering Professor David Muller has surpassed its own previous record from 2018, presenting the sharpest image of an atom . With an Electron Microscope Pixel Array Detector (EMPAD) coupled with sophisticated 3D reconstruction algorithms, a regime has been reached that is effectively going to be a maximum limit for … Read more

AI helps identify people who are at risk of tooth loss without the need for a dental exam

New research led by researchers at Harvard School of Dental Medicine suggests that machine learning tools can help identify people at highest risk for tooth loss and refer them for further dental evaluation in an effort to ensure early interventions for avoid or delay the condition . The study compared five algorithms that use a … Read more

Alzheimer’s disease can now be detected during phone conversations thanks to machine learning

Three algorithms that can be used to detect Alzheimer’s disease in patients while having telephone conversations have been developed by researchers working at the Department of Public Health, McCann Healthcare Worldwide Japan Inc. Previous research has shown that some of the first signs of Alzheimer’s include speaking slower than normal and pausing more frequently during … Read more

This new algorithm accurately predicts which skin cancers are highly metastatic

A new study published in Cell Systems shows the potential of artificial intelligence-based tools to revolutionize the pathology of cancer and a variety of other diseases. Specifically, these new artificial intelligence algorithms have been developed by researchers at UT Southwestern to assess the metastatic potential in skin cancers . Reverse engineering Methods based on deep … Read more

Algorithms are providing a way to select citizen assemblies more fairly and democratically

Growing mistrust of governments and experts has revived the ancient Greek method of empowering the public to participate in politics, and citizen assemblies are increasingly common . In France, for example, citizens’ assemblies have been convened to deliberate responses to climate change . But selecting the members of these organs is a complicated task. Ideally, … Read more

Clinical judgment VS actuarial judgment: how a simple equation produces better results than a human expert

One of the most surprising discoveries in twentieth-century psychology is that a simple regression equation usually produces better results than a human expert, a fact that was first discussed by psychologist Paul Meehl . Regression analysis is a statistical process that allows us to analyze the relationship that exists between two or more variables, one … Read more