If you are taller, are you smarter?

All kinds of correlations can be found around intelligent people, some more spurious than others. As the most intelligent people work mostly for another (less intelligent), the so-called law of Joy. Another compelling correlation is that tall people are more intelligent than short people . But can a factor like height really influence our brain … Read more

The UFO of the Holes

The God of the holes refers, broadly, to the idea of ​​God that many people forge to fill their gaps of ignorance . For example, I do not know how the universe originated or the reason for its existence, therefore the answer is God (however, that filling does not really explain anything, because we can … Read more

Minamata disease: mercury inside fish

Stray cats in a small fishing village south of the Japanese island of Kyushu used to develop tremors and uncoordinated movements after snooping around places where fish were unloaded. Some time later, this kind of San Vito dance began to occur also among human beings, together with loss of consciousness or delusional ideas. What was … Read more

Anthrax outbreak in Siberia due to global warming thaw

An outbreak of anthrax, a disease known as anthrax and forgotten for almost a century , could be killing the first people. The reason this ancient bacterium reappears is that it remained frozen and, due to global warming and thawing, has revived. The first to die from this disease that was believed to be extinct … Read more

French Rationalists VS British Sentimentalists

Questions like are we to pursue reason at the expense of emotion? they have begun to preoccupy philosophers and scientists in recent centuries. Or put another way: is our role model Spock, the ultra-nationalist character from Star Trek? Or should we look a little more at Homer Simpson? This reason VS emotion dichotomy refers to … Read more

Dogs can now breathe underwater thanks to this technology

The Russian Institute for Scientific Research for Occupational Medicine has developed a technology that allows dogs to breathe underwater, which may facilitate submarine crew rescue operations. The invention consists in allowing liquid respiration which facilitates filling the lungs with a special liquid rich in dissolved oxygen that penetrates the blood . In this way, the … Read more

The surface of the Earth does not stop moving

300 million years ago , all the mainland was concentrated in a single continent, Pangea , which progressively separated. The cleavage of the mainland took a long time, and it did not begin to look as it does on a world map today until just 50 million years ago. However, this movement continues to occur, … Read more

What dogs see when they watch television

Pet owners in the UK spent around $ 150 million on Christmas gifts for their pets in 2008. Or that in Japan there are almost 19 million pets (more than the number of children under 15 years of age): the industry dedicated to their care and comfort generates 8.8 billion dollars a year. There are … Read more

An example of immeasurable biological complexity

The complexity of ecosystems is so great that we cannot study them without stumbling into reductionism. Nor do we know what exactly happens in the set when we touch a piece, for example eliminating an animal species . Everything is connected to everything in a causal tangle so inextricable that a good example to begin … Read more

These battles were caused by an animal incident

We are increasingly empathetic with animals , especially in the field of pets. However, the wealthiest people of the past have also had a close relationship with some animals . For example, the Maharaja Nawab Sir Mahbet Khan Rasul Khan had 800 dogs that were treated as true kings. The Roman Lucius Licinius Crassus cared … Read more

The longer you yawn, the bigger the brain

The origins and reasons why we sometimes yawn are elusive. Sometimes we yawn because we are sleepy. Other times, because we get bored. There is also a certain contagion effect that forces us to yawn if we see someone bounce. A new study hypothesizes that if we start from the assumption that yawning serves to … Read more

How we beat smallpox

A small Spanish fleet left the island of Cuba for Mexico on March 5, 1520. On these ships 900 Spanish soldiers were transported, along with horses, firearms and a handful of African slaves. But they also carried something invisible to the human eye . In one of the people, among its billions of cells, there … Read more

This rat is immune to pain and now we know why

The naked mole rat ( Heterocephalus glaber ) is immune to pain , at least immune enough to flinch if it nibbles on a chili pepper or the water in which it is submerged is too hot. Researchers at the Max-Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin have just published in Cell Reports a study … Read more

Why did humans extinguish mammoths and not rabbits?

In ancient times, humans hunted mammoths and rabbits, but the former became extinct and the latter did not. Which is the reason? Basically it all comes down to a single factor: the speed of reproduction of both species . Mammoths had to reproduce at a rate of perhaps only two young a year, and mammoth … Read more