This artificial intelligence system can improve the diagnosis of complicated metastatic cancers

Researchers at the Mahmood Laboratory at Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed an artificial intelligence system that uses routinely acquired histology slides to precisely find the origin of tumors . This new approach would improve the diagnosis of patients with complex metastatic cancers, especially those in low-resource settings. Determining the primary tumor site In 1 … Read more

If an artificial intelligence doctor knows your name and history, you are more unlikely to follow their advice.

Engineers always strive to make our interactions with AI more human, but a new study suggests that a personal touch isn’t always welcome. Researchers from Penn State and the University of California, Santa Barbara suggest that people are less likely to follow the advice of a medical AI who knows your name and medical history … Read more

This facial recognition AI could be used to identify and measure the emotional state of farm animals

A researcher at Wageningen University recently published a study (still preprint) detailing a system by which facial recognition AI could be used to identify and measure the emotional state of farm animals . At the moment, however, there is little evidence to believe that so-called ’emotion recognition’ systems actually work. The system, according to the … Read more

A new algorithm suggests that on our planet there are about six birds for every human being

In the world there could be about 50,000 million birds , about six birds per human being, which would belong to 9,700 different species, including flightless birds such as emus and penguins. This is what a new algorithm has collected, trained with big data extracted from citizen science observations, developed by researchers at the University … Read more

Most Europeans would be willing to replace their politicians with AI algorithms (especially in Spain)

The political class does not go through its best moments. Greater media exposure forces them to launch increasingly hollow speeches, demagogic promises and other herbs of the wooden tongue. In other words, political rhetoric is being simplified because there is more and more democracy, not less, and the political class seems more and more made … Read more

The global artificial intelligence market is projected to grow nearly tenfold in 2028 compared to 2021

The financial outlook for the global AI market looks pretty good in 2021. But that’s nothing compared to the expansion experts expect to see over the next seven years. According to a recently released report by Grand View Research , the AI ​​market is expected to reach nearly 100 billion by 2021, and nearly ten … Read more

We are more likely to take advantage of benevolent artificial intelligence than its human equivalent

Human beings are sociable by nature. We don’t tend to explore others. We experience empathy. We are pleased that there is justice. However, perhaps these trends are not so clear when it comes to artificial intelligence . This is what a new study suggests that has explored how humans will interact with machines in future … Read more

Grace and the downsides of having an anthropomorphic medical assistant gifted with artificial intelligence

The Hong Kong team behind the famous humanoid robot Sophia has unveiled a new prototype called Grace . A project aimed at the health market and designed to interact with the elderly and those isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dressed in a blue nurse’s uniform, Grace has Asian features, neck-length brown hair, and a thermal … Read more

AI helps identify people who are at risk of tooth loss without the need for a dental exam

New research led by researchers at Harvard School of Dental Medicine suggests that machine learning tools can help identify people at highest risk for tooth loss and refer them for further dental evaluation in an effort to ensure early interventions for avoid or delay the condition . The study compared five algorithms that use a … Read more

Artificial intelligence suggests that tennis is the sport that arouses the most emotions in viewers

The study by the British television platform Freeview explored emotional reactions to different sports by analyzing the expressions of viewers . The 150 participants were sent content from 10 sports consisting of 30,750 frames, which were standardized to capture the same format of low, medium and high intensity clips . RealEyes The responses were measured … Read more

This new artificial intelligence system allows diagnosing prostate cancer earlier

Prostate cancer is slow growing and is usually found incidentally, so it can go years without being diagnosed. However, early detection is key to successful treatment . Now, an artificial intelligence program developed at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) could detect the disease earlier, allowing incidental detection through routine CT scans improving the … Read more

This new artificial intelligence system is capable of classifying thousands of galaxies in seconds

Researchers have used convolutional neural network (CNN) architectures to develop a new artificial intelligence system that classifies tens of thousands of galaxies in a few seconds, a process that can take months to perform manually . Astronomers classify galaxies by shape to understand how they form and evolve. CNN architecture that outperforms previous models Ultimately, … Read more

Surveys and polls could be more reliable and in real time if they were carried out by artificial intelligence

Let’s take a particularly contentious real-world example: It would be impossible to ask the 6.7 million people in Libya exactly how they feel about the current political situation, because even if you only spent 10 minutes per person, doing so would take 127 years, not to mention that the pollster could be biased, corrupt, or … Read more

Artificial intelligence can help you choose your next career and stay on the cutting edge of automation

New technologies create new jobs, not only destroy them, but the skills they require don’t always match old jobs. Successfully changing jobs requires making the most of your current skills and acquiring new ones . To do this, according to a new study , a system has been developed to recommend career transitions, using machine … Read more

This new artificial intelligence tool could diagnose dementia from a single brain scan

An artificial intelligence system that could diagnose dementia from a single brain scan has been developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge. Preclinical testing suggests that the technology can detect signs of dementia years before symptoms develop. The system is now being evaluated in clinical trials . Promising technology The system’s algorithm looks for … Read more

Using AI to analyze phone calls from prisons could increase racial bias in policing

A US Congressional committee is pressuring the Justice Department to explore the federal use of artificial intelligence to analyze inmate phone calls. The panel has called for more research into the potential of technology to prevent suicide and violent crime . The system transcribes telephone conversations, analyzes the tone of voice and detects certain words … Read more

This algorithm can predict Alzheimer’s disease with almost 100% accuracy.

A method based on deep learning that can predict the possible onset of Alzheimer’s disease from brain images with an accuracy of more than 99 percent has been developed by researchers from the universities of Kaunas, Lithuania. The method was developed by analyzing functional magnetic resonance images obtained from 138 subjects. Mild cognitive impairment or … Read more

This artificial intelligence diagnoses autism in children under 5 years old by examining short videos of the child playing with an adult

Autism spectrum disorder is difficult to diagnose in children under the age of 5, so early care is rarely applied. To remedy this problem, an interdisciplinary team from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm based on automated video analysis, which makes it possible to study children’s non-verbal communication … Read more

GPS-recorded driving habits can help identify Alzheimer’s disease thanks to AI

People with Alzheimer’s disease often drive shorter distances and visit fewer new places than people without it . With this in mind, GPS data can serve as a biomarker to identify preclinical Alzheimer’s, according to the results of a study published in Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy . The participants, 75 people without preclinical Alzheimer’s and … Read more

Artificial intelligence is used to identify a new drug combination for children with incurable brain cancer

A new study has made it possible to use artificial intelligence-enhanced tools to successfully propose a new drug combination for use against an incurable childhood brain cancer, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). GPID is a type of cancer that occurs in the brain stem, the part of the brain just above the back of the … Read more

Not only do we need more data to improve medicine, we need data to connect with each other

The Canadian Distributed Infrastructure for Genomics (CanDIG), recently featured in a special issue of Cell Genomics dedicated to data exchange, is Canada’s solution for enabling nationwide data exchange (and connecting data to data sets from all the world). Precision medicine requires large volumes of data. To improve the treatment of people with cancer or to … Read more

If we want to train algorithms to detect skin cancer we need more images (especially of darker skin)

According to new research presented at the NCRI Festival and published in Lancet Digital Health , the images and attachments available to train artificial intelligence (AI) to detect skin cancer are insufficient and include very few images of darker skin . The more examples the better AI is increasingly used in medicine as it can … Read more