It is shown that if someone picks up their smartphone in a social situation we will also tend to do so

The "chameleon effect" is known as the tendency to unconsciously imitate the people with whom we are interacting. The best-known example is the contagion of yawning. A team of researchers from the University of Pisa has discovered that the "chameleon effect" applies to people who start using their smartphone. Researchers have thus discovered that when … Read more

Alzheimer’s disease can now be detected during phone conversations thanks to machine learning

Three algorithms that can be used to detect Alzheimer’s disease in patients while having telephone conversations have been developed by researchers working at the Department of Public Health, McCann Healthcare Worldwide Japan Inc. Previous research has shown that some of the first signs of Alzheimer’s include speaking slower than normal and pausing more frequently during … Read more

This new algorithm accurately predicts which skin cancers are highly metastatic

A new study published in Cell Systems shows the potential of artificial intelligence-based tools to revolutionize the pathology of cancer and a variety of other diseases. Specifically, these new artificial intelligence algorithms have been developed by researchers at UT Southwestern to assess the metastatic potential in skin cancers . Reverse engineering Methods based on deep … Read more

Your zip code influences how long you will be active and you will not end up unable to perform basic tasks for your life

According to a new Yale study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine , older people living in disadvantaged neighborhoods become disabled about two years earlier than their counterparts in wealthier neighborhoods. The data also points to a tangible effect of structural racism in the lives of older Americans . Tracking nearly 800 people For … Read more