Greece has recorded the first death of a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient with no underlying symptoms

The first death of a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient has already occurred, the first among (approximately) 13,000 deaths in Greece. The man, a 70-year-old dentist, had followed all precautions and his wife and children had also been vaccinated, and he had no underlying symptoms . Getting vaccinated is the best option More than 13,200 people … Read more

Artificial intelligence algorithms to predict which COVID-19 patients will need a ventilator to breathe

Among the most common symptoms of severe COVID-19 cases is the need for patients to be placed on ventilators to ensure they can continue to receive enough oxygen while breathing. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have developed an online tool to help medical staff quickly determine which COVID-19 patients will need help breathing with … Read more

States with Democratic leaders tended to respond with stricter measures to COVID-19 and have spread the virus less

According to new research led by professors at Binghamton University, State University of New York, Americans led by Democratic leaders have better fought COVID-19 . Understanding the relationship between policy and public health measures can better prepare American communities for what to expect from their governments in a future crisis. Differences between Democrats and Republicans … Read more

This new test tells you in just ten minutes if you have immunity to COVID-19

A rapid point-of-care test for the detection of neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) to SARS-CoV-2 has been developed by researchers from the Interdisciplinary Antimicrobial Resistance Research Group of the Singapore-MIT Research and Technology Alliance ( SMART). This simple test, which only requires a drop of blood from the fingertip, can be performed in 10 minutes without the … Read more

The first country in the European Union that will not allow unvaccinated people to leave home is Austria: selective confinement

Around 65% of Austria’s nearly 9 million people are vaccinated, below the EU average of 67% , while daily increases in infections have reached records this week. This is causing infections to increase in a worrying way. For that reason, Austria will be the first EU country to conduct selective lockdown targeting unvaccinated people. Over … Read more

Social stress appears to be a key factor in the population’s COVID-19 infection rate

An international team of researchers led by Professor Alexander Gorban of the University of Leicester has analyzed global COVID-19 data to identify two constants that can dramatically change a country’s infection rate . To do this, they used available data from 13 countries to determine the stress response rate and the spontaneous burnout rate. Their … Read more