Teachers are not as important as they seem

Teachers are not as important as they seem

All kinds of theories abound around teaching, some even opposing: wearing a uniform or not, size of the school, number of students per class, sexual segregation, administrative stability, money for technological implementation and, naturally, level of demand in the faculty.

But, while it is true that a qualified and well prepared teacher is better than a poorly qualified and poorly prepared one, this factor is just one of the myriad list of important factors .

Other factors

Not all debate about school reform should focus on teachers. In fact, the teacher has less influence on a student’s performance than a set of different factors, as Steven Levitt explains in his book Think Like a Freak :

How much children have learned from their parents, how much they work at home, and whether their parents have instilled in them a taste for education. If these familiar inputs are lacking, the school will not be able to do much. Your child is only in school seven hours a day, 180 days a year, or about 22% of the child’s waking hours. Not all that time is devoted to learning either, you have to count the time to interact and eat and the journeys between home and school. And in the case of many children, the first three or four years of life are all parents and no school.

This means asking a thorny question: perhaps too much is being demanded of schools but too little of parents?

In our society, if someone wants to be a hairdresser or a boxer or a hunting guide (or teacher), they must be trained and recognized by a state agency. No similar requirement is requested for paternity. Anyone with reproductive organs is free to have a child without question, and to raise it however they want, as long as there are no visible bruises; And then they turn that kid over to the educational system so the teachers can work their magic.

In addition to the parents, entering puberty, the greatest influence of adolescents are their peers or peers, because they have entered the stubborn race of sexual competition.