On the Internet, crime is exponential, not linear

With a knife or a gun, in ancient times, criminals could carry out crimes such as theft. However, these and other criminals were generally only able to rob a certain number of people per day . The victims were few. Would-be criminals, however, have found a way to mass crime on the Internet. Everything, in … Read more

Every two blinks a Facebook account is spoofed

The blinking of the eye lasts exactly 50-70 milliseconds. And in the time it takes us to blink twice, that is, 140 milliseconds, someone on the Internet has spoofed two Facebook accounts . This, in more graphic numbers, means that every day some 600,000 Facebook accounts are violated, as recognized by the Facebook security dislocation … Read more

Chinese teapots to hack lives

With the advent of the Internet of Things, we must be prepared to face a totally new type of virus, malware that will not only manipulate our computer but everything that surrounds us . Everything that is equipped with microcontrollers or sensors may be subject to manipulation by others. To the point that a simple … Read more

The world’s first quantum satellite is already in operation

Launched last August, China’s quantum communications satellite is officially operational after four months of in-orbit testing. The Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS) satellite is the first space test platform for quantum communication . As reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), testing of the satellite, payloads and space-to-ground links have been completed. Micius … Read more

The seven models of massive collaboration thanks to the internet

Collaboration between peers through the internet, which Yochai Benkler defines as production between equals , and which, among other things, has favored the creation of Wikipedia, has various variants depending on the nature of the collaboration. Here are a good handful of examples. Next, the typologies of massive collaboration according to Don Tapscott in his … Read more

Mind Facebook: how algorithms make us live in bubbles

"We shape our tools, then they shape us." These words, spoken by the media theorist Marshall McLuhan , are more relevant than ever in the wake of the proliferation of social networks. And it is that, in the same way that the typewriter changed the style of many writers, social networks, and especially the algorithms … Read more

What is stigmergy?

Peer or similar networks, P2P, the coordinated interaction between tens, hundreds or thousands of minds to obtain a greater good, overcoming obsolete paradigms such as savage capitalism or communism, has come to be called stigmergy . ** A 2.0 world whose maximum exponent may be Wikipedia **. And it is in Wikipedia where we find … Read more

Welcome to the era of social loans 2.0

Thanks to the internet, a new class of credit institution has been born dedicated to peer loans or social loans, such as Zopa , Lending Club and Prosper , which lend money directly to people and projects , eliminating intermediaries and the high fixed costs of large financial institutions . Peer to peer bank Internet-based … Read more

Hackers who compromised national security, and will continue to do so

Those responsible for illegal activities on the internet is very diverse and includes from nation states to neighborhood thugs, intelligence services, hackivists, military personnel, industrial spies or computer hackers of all kinds. Some, however, have managed to compromise world security to unsuspected limits. Water treatments The SCADA system allows remote control and supervision of industrial … Read more

There are already more than 70 countries that have disinformation campaigns through the internet

There are political parties or government agencies that use social networks to shape the attitudes of citizens. This includes authoritarian regimes that suppress human rights or stifle dissenting opinions. However, there is a clear trend towards disinformation campaigns: false information is deliberately spread to mislead . Not surprisingly, there are more than 70 countries where … Read more