The entelechy of equality or why we pay more attention to some discrimination and not others

The entelechy of equality or why we pay more attention to some discriminations and not others

Inequality and discrimination or classism based on said inequality is a profound and, to some extent, inextricable part of human relationships.

We are only more aware of the inequalities that are becoming fashionable, and only a handful of them have been the subject of scientific study .

From ageism to gordofobia

Inequalities such as height (there is a correlation between salary and height of workers, and also between attractiveness and salary), age ( ageism is beginning to be talked about ), strabismus, stuttering, ugliness (in some courts they are already offered to more handsome actors to represent clients with scars on their faces because they receive higher penalties percentages ), the extra kilos (already talk about gordofobia ), the character (the kind, hypocrites and balls receive more gifts than the rest) …

As Daniel Bernabé explains in his book The Diversity Trap :

Are the systems of privilege, oppression and revision an effective way to confront inequality ?; Where, then, was the capital-labor conflict? However, we must give an urgent answer to these questions, if we do not want the force of the collective to end up being diluted in the irremediable individualism of the identity.

Economic inequality is one of the biggest sources of social problems. However, addressing it is not easy .

Much research suggests that human beings are tribal creatures, and consequently they show a strong bias against those they perceive as different from them and favoritism towards those they perceive as similar.

So where are we headed? There are perhaps two alternatives. May this madness reach the paroxysm and implode, as it happened with the puritanism of three centuries ago, and come a time of morally accepted political incorrectness….

Or that we develop an algorithm that allows us to calculate, based on millions of parameters, how discriminated one person is compared to another. You take out the app from your mobile, point to the person in front of you, calculate the skin phototype, height, facial symmetry, sex, ethnicity, income, diction, etc … and at the end assign a number that you can compare with yours.

Based on that number you establish a certain asymmetric relationship. It can also be used to go to a job interview or ask for a mortgage. If you suffered abuse as a child or your mother drank during your pregnancy and now you lack self-control because a part of your brain was not adequately innervated, well they should give you privileged fiscal, labor and even social treatment to balance the balance and that we are all equal, that is, perfect reflexivity, transitivity, and symmetry in life’s opportunities .

So that we are only unequal in the factor that we decide that is truly born of a personal, volitional and subjective effort, without external influences, or socio-economic merits or demerits. Nothing less.