The longest creature to date is 50 meters: this is all we know about it

The longest creature to date measures 50 meters: this is all we know about it

During a month-long scientific expedition aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor and exploring underwater canyons near Ningaloo in the Indian Ocean, a siphonophore of approximately 50 meters was discovered , apparently the longest animal ever recorded. .

Some 175 species of siphonophores have been described, and some specimens can reach 40 meters in length (so far).

ROV SuBastian

Using an underwater robot, ROV SuBastian , during the expedition 20 dives were completed to depths of up to 4,500 meters during 181 hours of exploration. Thanks to this , the siphonophore in question was discovered , among other creatures of great scientific interest.

Using the SuBastian underwater robot, scientists for the first time are able to explore deep-sea canyons and coral reefs in Australia that have never been seen before.

The largest specimen of the giant Apolemia siphonophore ever recorded, whose video was posted on the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Twitter account, you can see below: