The science series "Cosmos" is back to remind you that there are "possible worlds"

The science series "Cosmos" is back to remind you that there are "possible worlds"

The iconic popular science series "Cosmos", starring astronomer Carl Sagan in the 80s, returns once again to the small screen with the mission of exploring a universe of "possible worlds" that is not limited to exoplanets, but encompassing the present and the future of the Earth.

The new season consists of 13 episodes, with themes including the 20-year Cassini mission to Saturn and a visit to the 2039 New York World’s Fair.


The third part of this series, co-written by popularizer Ann Druyan, Carl Sagan’s widow, also comes at a time when a certain skepticism towards science is perceived in the public sphere.

"Cosmos: Possible Worlds" premiered on March 9 .

In a later interview, Ann Druyan , Sagan’s widow and co-writer on the original series, said that underneath the program’s general theme of exploring the history of our understanding of the universe, there is another strong motive: that of the relevance and importance of science in our lives and culture.

Team members include costume designer Ruth E. Carter, cinematographer Karl Walter Lindenlaub, and composer Alan Silvestri . National Geographic will publish Druyan’s companion novel, also titled Cosmos: Possible Worlds, as a follow-up to Sagan Cosmos’ best-selling book.