The strange case in which a fungus makes you produce alcohol inside you until you give a positive breath test

The strange case in which a fungus makes you produce alcohol inside you until you test positive for a breathalyzer test

At the moment, there is little research on the so – called syndrome of self-brewery (auto-brewery syndrome) or intestinal fermentation syndrome. A syndrome that causes a person to be drunk or to test positive for a breathalyzer test even though they have not tasted a single drop of alcohol: it has been produced in their stomach.

Anyone can end up developing this syndrome but it is more common in patients with other conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, and Crohn’s disease; only about two hundred people around the world suffer from it .

Auto-brewery syndrome

Auto-brewery syndrome happens because your body harbors excess brewer’s yeast, so your intestinal tract ends up functioning as a craft brewery that ferments any food.

This strange ability is the result of an infection with Saccharomyces cervisisae , the yeast yeast fungus.

In principle, this fungus is not harmful, and normally does not cause problems, but it begins to create this effect if it becomes strong in what is called our microbiome , that is, the universe of microorganisms that inhabit our body.

Saccharomyces cervisisae is known because it is essential for making bread, wine and beer. Its metabolism causes the sugars present in the medium to ferment, generating carbon dioxide and ethanol (alcohol). Every time there are loose sugars in his digestive tract, then, man will suffer from gas, due to CO2, and from an unforeseen self-drunkenness.

The fact that there are not many diagnoses does not imply that the condition has not been documented: there is a case described in Japan in the 70s , but the first descriptions of the disease are reported in the early 1900s and even in the late 19th century.

In case of contagion (and not wanting to live drunk every day), it is advisable to eliminate carbohydrates, yeasts and sugars from the diet , in addition to taking probiotics every day to maintain the necessary balance of the intestinal flora.