The words used by men and women on social networks are different

The words used by men and women on social networks are different

Wonderful, happy, birthday, nervous, daughter, baby, and thankful. Enemy, freedom, win, lose and battle. The first batch of words are more used by women on social networks, the second batch, by men.

This is the conclusion reached by a study by psychologists from the universities of Stony Brook and Pennsylvania and the University of Melbourne, analyzing the words used by more than 65,000 users of the social network Facebook , with a total of 10 million messages. They also got the sex of Facebook users right in 90% of the cases.

As explained by Gregory Park , leader of the work that has been published in PloS One :

The study also shows a method for testing psychological theories on a large scale, with a way to visualize the results. With this type of large-scale computational studies, generating thousands of statistical results, visualization is the key. This is a good example of visualization that helps us see the big picture with complex data.

Either way, the study has also revealed that the majority of Facebook’s language is expressed the same by both sexes, although there are also uses of the language clearly linked to gender.

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