The world’s weight loss device is developed to help fight the global obesity epidemic.

The world's weight loss device is developed to help fight the global obesity epidemic.

DentalSlim Diet Control is an intraoral device that a dental professional places on the upper and lower back teeth. Utilizes unique custom made locking bolt magnetic devices. It allows the user to open their mouth only about 2mm , restricting them to a liquid diet, but allows freedom to speak and does not restrict breathing.

This is the world’s first device to help fight obesity, and it has been developed by researchers from the University of Otago and the United Kingdom.

No adverse effects

Participants in a trial with this device lost an average of 6.36 kg in two weeks and were motivated to continue their weight loss journey. Lead researcher Paul Brunton, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences at the University of Otago, says the device will be an effective, safe and affordable tool for people struggling with obesity. It is fitted by a dentist, can be released by the user in an emergency, and can be repeatedly inserted and removed:

The main barrier for people to successful weight loss is compliance and this helps them establish new habits, allowing them to stick to a low calorie diet for a period of time. It really sets the process in motion. It is a non-invasive, reversible, inexpensive and attractive alternative to surgical procedures. The fact is that there are no adverse consequences with this device.

The tool could be particularly useful for those who have to lose weight before they can undergo surgery and for patients with diabetes in whom weight loss could initiate remission .

While bariatric surgery plays an important role in the management of morbid obesity, it cannot be relied upon to manage this "global epidemic." It costs around € 24,000 and patients "live with the consequences for life, which can be quite unpleasant."

What do you think of the device? Medieval torture?