These "parrots of Dracula" are even more goth than crows

These "Dracula parrots" are even more goth than crows

The red of its lower parts and wings contrasts with the blackish tones of the upper ones. It is not the ornithological version of Count Dracula, as Duckula was the duck and vegetarian version of it). However, aesthetically it seems. This is perhaps a bird that looks even more gothic than the raven (including Edgar Allan Poe’s raven).

However, it does not inhabit the Carpathians, but only does so in the mountainous jungles of New Guinea . It is the aquiline parrot, which is about 46 cm long and weighs between 680–800 g.

Red and black


When we think of parrots, we generally think of them as green, red, or blue birds. However, the world of parrots is much more diverse than you might think .

After all, there are 393 different species of them that are very different from each other. Among them is the aquiline parrot , which is more commonly known as Dracula’s parrot .

Psittrichas Fulgidus Wilhelma 2008

The feathers of the aquiline parrot (Psittrichas fulgidus), also called the Pesqueteran parrot, were highly prized by the natives of New Guinea. Added to this, the high prices it reaches in poultry farming resulted in great pressure from hunters on the species. In addition, at present the continuous destruction of their habitats is added.

For this reason, the International Union for Conservation of Nature classifies it as a vulnerable species on its red list .


It is probably the most popular pet in the world (after cats, dogs and rabbits). But very few would be willing to have an aquiline parrot at home. Especially on a stormy night .

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