These three possible names have been chosen for China’s first Mars rover after a global survey

These three possible names have been chosen for China's first Mars rover after a global survey

The National Space Administration of China released in January a list of 10 selections for the name of China’s first Mars rover following a global naming campaign that began in late July 2020.

Now three of them have been selected, after national and foreign Internet users were invited to vote for 10 candidates from January 20 to February 28. They are as follows .

The three selected

China launched Tianwen-1 on July 23, 2020. The spacecraft, consisting of an orbiter, lander, and rover, entered the parking orbit of Mars after performing an orbital maneuver on February 24. The rover is expected to descend to the Martian surface in May or June.

In order of votes, from highest to lowest, these were the finalists:

  1. Zhurong : is a god of fire in ancient Chinese mythology. He lived in a palace on Mount Kunlun and taught mankind to use the fire that Suiren had created.
  2. Nezha – a beloved Chinese mythological figure.
  3. Hongyi : means to have a broad and strong mind in Chinese.
Classic Of Mountains And Seas 1597 Plate Xliii Zhurong riding two dragons, depicted in the Mountains and Seas Classic, 1597 edition
ñ The statue of Nezha

Starting Tuesday, a panel of experts will also vote for the final candidates. The administration will decide the top three names based on public voting and expert opinion.