This biodegradable tire concept regenerates its tread

This biodegradable tire concept regenerates its tread

The tread of a tire refers to the rubber of the tire that makes contact with the road. As tires are used, the tread wears out, limiting its effectiveness in providing traction.

However, this new biodegradable tire concept developed by Goodyear regenerates its tread .

Biodegradable tires

Nicknamed reCharge , this tire would never require replacements or rotations because it regenerates its tread as needed. In addition to eliminating flat tires and the need to check tire pressure, the regeneration characteristics of the concept would be tailored to the driving habits and conditions of the vehicle, thanks to a combination of artificial intelligence and telemetry data.

The crux of reCharge’s regenerative capabilities is a rechargeable, biodegradable liquid compound that is recharged using capsules. The compound is fortified by a blend of dandelion rubber and spider silk-like fibers, known to be one of the hardest raw materials found in nature .

The innovative compound that powers reCharge is a much greener option than conventional tire compositions.

The reCharge would push this paste on demand through pipes to the surface of the wheel, where it hardens and becomes a new tread.

Smart algorithms (likely involving machine learning and other aspects of AI) would analyze the vehicle’s telemetry data to create individual driver profiles, serving as the basis for customizing the composite .