This Hubble image has been transformed by NASA into … music

This image captured by Hubble has been transformed by NASA into ... music

They already said in Alien that in space no one can hear your screams . And that’s what we miss most about space in all its glory: the sound, the laser beams from the spaceships, even the music.

Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped NASA from discovering a way to make sound, by ‘sonifying’ the image at the top of this post , taken by the Hubble Space Telescope .


The image that NASA used for this project was taken by the Hubble Advanced Camera in August 2018 .

Researchers working with Hubble call the image a ‘galactic treasure chest’ because of the number of galaxies we see in it.

But as beautiful as this image is, it has just reached a new level, once transformed into a stunning musical composition, which you can listen to below:

The team that created the sonified image explains that different locations and elements in the image produce different sounds. Stars and compact galaxies are represented by short, clear sounds, while spiral galaxies emit longer and more complex notes .

Time flows from left to right, and the frequency of sound changes from bottom to top, from 30 to 1,000 Hertz. Objects near the bottom of the image produce lower notes, while objects near the top produce higher notes.