This is the octopus that lives the deepest and is called Dumbo

This is the octopus that lives the deepest and is called Dumbo

The Dumbo octopus ( Grimpoteuthis ) lives at a depth of up to 4,885 meters, near the ocean floor.

Thus, this species of octopus is the one that lives the deepest in the world.


The "Dumbo octopus" has 8 tentacles with 60 to 70 suckers on each one. Their distribution pattern distinguishes whether they are male or female. There are 13 species discovered so far. Each of these is of various colors (red, white, brown, pink), sizes and shapes.

One of their arms has a bulge through which they expel sperm into the female’s mantle . She keeps this sperm stored for when she is in fertile period and thus can deposit the eggs.

Its body, 20 centimeters long, is soft and semi-gelatinous , and is prepared to withstand the high pressures of living at such a depth.

Its common name responds to the fins in the shape of ears that hang from the mantle and give it a great resemblance to the Disney elephant .

To swim, it flaps its fins, propels its webbed tentacles or propels itself by expelling water through a siphon.

In addition, these octopuses are the only ones that swallow their prey , which are worms and small crustaceans, whole instead of crushing and grinding them.

Grimpoteuthis Umbellata

Dumbos octopuses live in all oceans and different species have adapted to different marine habitats, but especially in colder waters.